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147. Mari Yamaguchi, Vaccines, masks? Japan puzzling over sudden virus success, 2021.10.18, This article discuss the possible factor in Japan's success in coronavirus pandemic.

146. Joe Pinsker, The Staggering Number of Kids Who Have Lost a Parent to COVID-19, 2021.10.17, An estimate published recently in the journal Pediatrics indicate at least 140,000 American children had lost a parent or caregiver because of the coronavirus by the end of June.

145. Carl Zimmer, Newly Discovered Bat Viruses Give Hints to Covid’s Origins, 2021.10.15, This article illustrate that scientists traveled into the forests of northern Laos to catch bats that might harbor close cousins of the Covid-19 pathogen in the summer of 2020.

144. AFP , UK govt botched initial Covid response: MPs' probe, 2021.10.12, That report said Leading advisors were guilty of "groupthink" and pushed a "gradual and incremental approach" to interventions such as social distancing, isolation and lockdowns, but lso praised the government's rapid launch of a mass vaccination campaign against Covid in December, arguing that had "redeemed" some of the earlier failings.

143. Irene Calboli, Trade marking ‘COVID’ and ‘Coronavirus’ in the USA: an empirical review, 2021.06.11, The author reviews the applications including the terms ‘COVID’ and ‘Coronavirus’ filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in 2020 and find that the COVID-19 pandemic led not only to a large number of filings for medical and pandemic related products, but also for unrelated and promotional products. Individuals and small businesses were the largest groups of filing entities. Moreover, over two-thirds of the filings were submitted based on intent-to-use rather than use in commerce. The author considers the number of filings closely mirrored the development of the pandemic during the various months of 2020 and concludes that one of the lessons that could be derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, and this unprecedented number of applications, is the need to further study the phenomenon of ‘sensation-drive’ trade mark filings and the problems that these filings can represent for the trade mark system.

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