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16. Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan, Access to Covid-19 Treatment and International Intellectual Property Protection – Part I: Patent protection, voluntary access and compulsory licensing, 2020.04.15, https://www.ejiltalk.org/access-to-covid19-treatment-and-international-intellectual-property-protection-part-i-patent-protection-voluntary-access-and-compulsory-licensing/ . this post considered obligations under international law to offer patent protection for existing and future Covid19 treatment, and how that is likely to affect widespread access to affordable treatment around the world.

15. Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan, Access to Covid-19 Treatment and International Intellectual Property Protection – Part II: National security exceptions and test data protection, 2020.04.15 , https://www.ejiltalk.org/access-to-covid19-treatment-and-international-intellectual-property-protection-part-ii-national-security-exceptions-and-test-data-protection/ . this post looks at alternative options to overcome those issues, in particular by relying on national security exceptions. It also discusses how another form of legal protection mandated under the WTO TRIPS agreement, namely in relation to the test data necessary to show the safety of a drug, can affect access to medicines.

14. Emmanuel Kolawole Oke, Is the National Security Exception in the TRIPS Agreement a Realistic Option in Confronting COVID-19? 2020.08.06, https://www.ejiltalk.org/is-the-national-security-exception-in-the-trips-agreement-a-realistic-option-in-confronting-covid-19/ . this article clarifies most of the flexibilities in the TRIPS Agreement (including the most extreme one i.e. the national security exception) may not be useful to some countries which are in the absence of domestic manufacturing capacity during a pandemic such as COVID-19.

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12. Michael Schmitt, Cyber Operations against Vaccine R & D: Key International Law Prohibitions and Obligations, 2020.08.10, https://www.ejiltalk.org/cyber-operations-against-vaccine-r-d-key-international-law-prohibitions-and-obligations/ . this article expounds the key international law prohibitions and obligations of a cyber operation targeting vaccine R & D and finds that vaccine espionage that does not cause the requisite effects does not violate international law. The article suggests states adopting “voluntary non-binding norm of responsible state behavior” , offer medical activities special protection.

11. Chimène Keitner, Don’t Bother Suing China for Coronavirus, 2020.04.08, https://www.justsecurity.org/69460/dont-bother-suing-china-for-coronavirus/ . This paper explained why U.S. courts do not have jurisdiction over private class action lawsuits brought against Chinese government defendants for their alleged misconduct in allowing the coronavirus to spread.

10. Chimène Keitner, Missouri’s Lawsuit Doesn’t Abrogate China’s Sovereign Immunity, 2020.04.22, https://www.justsecurity.org/69817/missouris-lawsuit-doesnt-abrogate-chinas-sovereign-immunity/ . This paper discusses how Missouri Attorney-General’s lawsuit against China will run into a wall of sovereign immunity.

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